Sunday, October 17, 2010


In between polishing my mink sunglasses and arguing the merits of James Traficant's hair, I checked in with the Laredo Morning Times' interviews of political candidates.  You can see them on YouTube under the LMT News channel.  Their decision  to use a storage room as a studio is somewhat bone-headed but I have to applaud them for making such interviews accessible.  Now I don't have to wait for the public access channel debates; I can meet the candidates at my own pace. 

I would only suggest to them to spruce the place up a bit --  Maybe add some plants.

Anywhosel, I tuned in to the interview of Abraham Rodriguez.  I managed to get past his fidgeting with his campaign fliers and blurting out a popular tagline:  "once a tiger, always a tiger."  (Keyrose's ulcer just acted up)  I think Mr. Rodrigez is a reasonable man and has a decent chance at city council.  That is, if everybody and their mother watches his interview.  Enjoy.

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