Friday, October 1, 2010

Manufacturing Jobs In Laredo

You hear the mayoral candidates talking about bringing manufacturing jobs to the area but shouldn't that topic be in their "accomplishment" column and not one of their goals?
“Manufacturing has been a core component of regional business for two decades, with the 'maquilladora' (twin plant) model providing more than 174,232 skilled labor jobs on both sides of our border,” said Keith Patridge, a member of the leadership team for the North American Advanced Manufacturing Research and Education Initiative (NAAMREI) and CEO of the McAllen Economic Development Corporation. “We are focused on advanced manufacturing and could become one of the top advanced manufacturing locations in the world if we continue to focus on the workforce preparation and infrastructure development required to support it.”
Mayor Salinas was on the radio (99.3 FM) this morning and said his number 1 priority is safety.  Of course he says that with confidence now that the city is getting several million dollars to hire new police officers.  Naturally he mentioned his recent trip to D.C.  We're somehow supposed to believe that his appearance was responsible for getting the monies needed for the new cop positions.

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