Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Laredo Politics Or Private Property Violation?

A blog visitor was kind enough to share with us a video that's up on the internets.  It includes footage of an Orlando Navarro campaign sign on a brick wall being painted over.  Kudos to the person who was there to capture the scene. 

Orlando Navarro, who is running for City Council District 6, put up a sign on a wall along McPherson Ave.  As I understand it candidates usually ask the homeowner for permission before putting up signs.  However, I have heard of instances where some install posters at will.  Whatever the case, this action by the painter seems suspicious with a couple of weeks to go before early voting starts. 

A homeowner's association could overrule the practice of painting campaign signs on these barriers, but it would make sense that the homeowner would be aware of any restrictions and therefore refuse the sign.  Again, the specific details behind the sign would probably tell us more and I'll try to find out what exactly is going on here.  For now enjoy the video.

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