Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's Letter

George Rodriguez wrote in to the Laredo Times' editorial page today to answer why he is a republican.  Have a look-see:
Recently, Senator Harry Reid, D-Nev., asked how could any Hispanic be a Republican?  Several of my close, personal friends have asked me the same question since I am a conservative Republican and a Tea Party member and supporter.  My response is simple on several levels.  First, I believe in God and in public prayer, while Democrats don't support public prayer.  In fact, I am shocked at President Obama's comment last year that the U.S. is no longer a Christian nation.  The vast majority of Americans are Christian, and, of those who are, most attend Church.  The president's remark was wrong, yet no Democratic elected official, including Henry Cuellar, Ciro Rodriguez and Charlie Gonzalez, contested the comments.

Furthermore, I believe in the sanctity of life, while Democrats support abortions.  I believe a child should be taught morals at home and not sex education at schools.  I believe morality is the foundation of a civil society.  Democrats seem to "trust in the arm of flesh" rather than in God.
Mr. Rodriguez goes on to explain his support for free enterprise, border security and personal freedom.  Of course, he goes on to state that democrats are flawed.
Democrats tell people that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are beyond their control and that they (government) must help them.

For being a man of faith, Mr. Rodriguez is really judgemental.

Now, I wouldn't ask a Hispanic specifically why he or she is a republican.  I would simply ask anyone why they would associate themselves with the party of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck.  It's obvious that republicans get their talking points from both of these blowhard DJs, among others, even though they've been known to pass on false information.  Just recently Limbaugh described a judge as a hunter and taxidermist, but it turned out that the person was neither.  And Beck said that he held the first inaugural address when he visited the National Archives.  That wasn't true.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer had to take back the statement she made about beheadings taking place in Arizona.

Mr. Rodriguez is pretty quick to suggest that democrats don't pray or aren't pro-life; but they do and they are.  Democrats, like Mr. Rodriguez, also "love America and what it stands for."  We believe in free enterprise and safer borders.  Where we differ is in the fact that we're not going to take our marching orders from some fanatical, egotistical dumbass who is trying to sell us gold coins.

I don't have a problem with you praying, but don't make yourself out to be morally superior just because you call yourself a Christian.  If you truly want to follow God's word, you have to be more respectful and accepting of others. 

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