Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Candidates Speak

5 hopefuls: Fight crime, provide jobs

Published: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 2:02 AM CDT
Crime and finding jobs for Laredo’s unemployed were the most common topics candidates spoke of during the first mayoral debate of the campaign, hosted by the Next Generation Rotary Club Monday evening.

The candidates were asked to describe how they would improve Laredo's image.  They were also asked to come up with a tagline for the city.  Gene Belmares came up with 'star,' or 'jewel,' of the border -- something like that.  It's obvious we've done little damage control when it comes to people's perception of our town. Some describe Laredo as a kind of lawless city.
The older woman sitting in church was fed up with pretty much everyone — the politicians, the clergy, the police, the district attorneys — but most of all with the gun-slinging young men who act as if the streets of the Bronx were the streets of Laredo.

To be fair, the writer could be referring to the old version of Laredo, the one with gunfights and dusty trails.  But even if he was talking about modern day Laredo, would most people know where it's located?  We've come a long way.  Yet, people have the wrong idea about us and we've still got a straight-to-video character about us.

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