Friday, September 10, 2010

Slaughter Park Officially Opens

Last night, residents of the Chacon neighborhood and surrounding areas were treated to the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Slaughter Park Sports Complex.  City officials were there, of course, to meet the public and thank everybody and their mother for putting this park together. 

Mayor Raul Salinas did a lot of thanking;  I think the only people he didn't thank were the people who live across the street from the grounds.  He rambled every now and then.  His go-to save was to thank people.  The applause from the public gave him time to think of something else to say.

Anyway, I got to talk to John Galo who was the person who spearheaded the project when he was a councilman for this district.  I tried to talk to the current councilman, Dr. Michael Landeck, but he kept snubbing me.  He just kept getting farther away from me.  So I showcased him a little at the end of the video.

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