Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please Leave A Message At The Sound Of The Beep

Thank you for calling the Diocese of Laredo.  For cardinal sins, please dial 1; for venial sins, please dial 2; for blessings, dial 3; for all other calls, including those made from City Hall, please stay on the line until one of our representatives may assist you.  Thank you, and God bless.  ("The Captain of Her Heart" instrumental plays)

El Manana reports today that city council will put forth a resolution urging the Diocese of Laredo to allow for DNA testing of the human remains buried near the San Agustin Cathedral.  It is believed that the remains are those of Don Tomas Sanchez, the founder of Laredo.  The efforts to contact Bishop James Tamayo for approval have proved unsuccessful.

You might see this kind of cold shoulder treatment from a Nevada senatorial candidate, but coming from a bishop in a tight-knit community is kind of strange.  Perhaps he's been on vacation where no telephones are available.  Whatever the case, I hope this issue gets resolved because I'm just dying to know who exactly is buried under there.  

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