Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Music Tuesday

I'm feeling especially chipper today not only because the rain seems to have passed but because my latest total cholesterol result came in at 181 mg/dL.  WooHoo!!!  I've gotten lower results in the past but I've given up on obsessing over my lab results.  My glucose (diabetes) was 82 mg/dL; kidney and liver function tests were normal as well.  I am a bit anemic and my uric acid is just a touch over the limit but I'm not having any symptoms of gout, yet.  These lab tests were carried out by the Buena Vida Program at the City of Laredo Health Department.  The cost is $35.  For more information call them at 723-2051.

With that in mind I can enjoy some new music.  This week we have a new release from Michael Franti.  Check it out.

Last week I didn't feature a new release.  El Guincho was out with an album.

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