Monday, September 27, 2010

My Ride

Sorry for not posting regularly but the weekend threw off my rhythm.  I got into town Friday afternoon; I had to work Saturday morning; and Saturday night my car was totalled.  It's that last part that I'm preoccupied with. 

What happened is that a drunk driver ran a stop sign and slammed into my front end.  He stopped momentarily and then went off on his merry way.  The only reason I know the driver was drunk is because a witness followed him and actually talked to him.  This witness came back to the scene and gave me the make and model of the truck, and the license plate number.  After twenty minutes a police officer showed up to make a report.  He told me that he would send out another unit to the drunkard's home -- if they found him/her, I would be contacted.  Well, it's nearly two days and I haven't heard a peep.  And the report is not ready.  Apparently it takes two business days to process reports.  I find that curious since police officers are always on duty. 

My insurance company advised me to wait on the police report to locate the other person.  If he/she doesn't have insurance, then I can file a claim to take care of the balance of the car.  For now I'm riding the bus and the person who hit me is probably still working off the alcohol at his/her Webb County job, and the cop who made the report has forgotten all about me. 

Good times, eh?

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