Wednesday, September 1, 2010

LMT Editorial Page Submission

Lauva Currier's (Seguin, TX) letter appeared yesterday in the Laredo Times' opinion page.  Here it goes:

How many of us are upset with the way that our national leaders are casting their votes in Congress?  How many of us even know the name of our Congressional Representative from our 28th Congressional District?  It is Henry Cuellar.  He has voted more than 90 percent of the time with Pelosi.  When I found that out, it made me sick.  That means that my representative has been casting a vote, which is supposed to represent my views, with Pelosi!

We, the constituents of the 28th Congressional District, can have a big influence in Washington with the upcoming election.  Not only do we need to remove Henry Cuellar, but by removing him we will also help to remove Pelosi from her spearkership.  One more question.  Do you know who Henry Cuellar is facing this November?

Bryan Underwood is a self-employed contractor who started and operates his own business.  (  Do some reseaerch and find out about the Republican candidate.  I trust that you will agree with his views more than what Pelosi/Cuellar believe.  Tell others how our Representative has been voting and exercise your right to vote...  while we still have it.

I think the takeaway here is:  Pelosi bad; Pelosi and Cuellar are friends; Therefore Cuellar bad.  Ms. Currier's entry is the usual republican rant that includes a little fear to get people all riled up.  Somehow she imagines a day where we won't have the right to vote.  Why she would think this is beyond me.  But it's not surprising given the right's reasoning on things.

All these myths get played out and work on peoples' paranoia.  And it looks like it's going to work this November what with all the talk about the democrats losing control of the House, thus giving John Boehner the speakership position.
I can't blame it all on wingnuts and their delusions.  Dems haven't exactly done a good job of countering their lunacy.  Whether it's death panels, or 'Obama is not a citizen,' dems haven't played their best hand in combating falsehoods.  And for that we might have an orange-colored man overseeing the House come November.

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