Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In The Public Eye

A Maryland judge has ruled that a motorist was not in the wrong for taping law enforcement officials when he was stopped for a traffic violation.  That's good news, for sure.  But I wouldn't expect local law enforcement to allow me to tape them at will.

One police officer stopped me some time ago after taking pictures of his traffic stop.   And at Bridge 1 this summer I was interrogated by customs officers after they saw me videotaping an inspection.  I was actually taken out of the pedestrian line and questioned about my activities.  They ordered me to erase the footage I had captured.  I was advised that I had to get clearance before walking around with my camera.

I don't agree with getting clearance since the whole area is in the public domain but dealing with dumbass federal law enforcement is another thing.  At any rate, I'm glad justice was done in Maryland.

I was tipped off to the Maryland story by a reader.  Thanks.

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