Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Got Something To Say

At tonight's LISD board meeting, trustees went at it over the approved construction of the early college high school.  Board president George Beckelhymer raised the issue of the cost of the project while Mr. Valdez and Mr. Martinez questioned the progress of the building's construction.  With so much blathering that goes on, I now realize why Shirley Field is so far behind schedule.  There are some external issues that come into play but the level and extent of debate doesn't help.

Superintendent Nelson opines:
and when you go to investigate why this school district can't do it, there's a host of reasons:  and we go to try to blame the architect; the architect going to talk to the contractor......and everyone is going to agree that the board is giving them different direction.  They're going this way one day, they're going a different way......

And so I don't want to be disrespectful to any of our partners, our architects and especially, most seriously our board of trustees.  But this type of dialogue that you're having tonight has created a theme that is culminating with us not being able to get our projects done on time.  Thank you, sir.
I've provided the video below.  Audio and video are not in sync.  Sorry.

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