Monday, September 20, 2010


With all the rain we had this weekend, people didn't have much choice as far as outdoor activities.  I for one wanted to get started with planting new things in my yard.  Apparently now is the perfect time to plant bulbs.  Alas, my visit to the nursery will have to wait one more week.

In terms of foliage, Laredo does have variety; you just have to know where to look.  Take, for instance, the sign above advertising grass.  It'll probably lead you to a local distributor that has no affiliation with big name stores, such as Lowes or Home Depot.  You might get a good deal but you have to be careful with the kind of grass you buy.  One particular kind of grass can give you headaches.  It might be the popular choice locally but it does take a toll on a person.  And once you get hooked on it, it's pretty difficult to opt for a change.

Don't be fooled, the purchase might be easy but the time needed for such a commitment is enough to give anybody a big appetite.  It can be very delicate and sensitive but it packs a strong punch when cultivated right, and your neighbors will notice.  There are tricks to manipulating the grass to get the most pleasing outcome from it.  The Joneses will try to keep up with you so it's best to work your grass when nobody's looking.  You'll be the coolest cat on the block because of the grass you've got. 

Some people will frown on your grass purchase because of the resources it takes away from the community.  All I can recommend is not to overdo it.  A little grass here and there won't hurt.  Shady places might help in your venture; you'll need less effort to enjoy your grass.  The point is to have fun.  Go out and put your green thumbs to work.  Good luck!


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