Sunday, September 19, 2010

Armando Cisneros Joins The Race For City Council District 2

Society prospers when its citizens take an active part in its evolution.  One such person who is determined to make a difference locally is Armando Cisneros.  Mr. Cisneros is running for the City Council District 2 seat which is being vacated by Hector Garcia.  The force driving Mr. Cisneros to run is the sense of indifference he feels coming from our local leaders.
I noticed, sometimes, when I went to the meetings, they kept moving the public forum part of the meeting around.  It would be at the beginning, then it would be in the middle and I think that serves to discourage public participation
The points that Mr. Cisneros is focusing on are safety, jobs, taxes, and infrastructure.

He told me that the deadline to file for office had passed when he thought about running for city council.  The Texas election code provided him with the information he was looking for.  Apparently a person can run as a write-in candidate, within a certain time frame, after the filing deadline has passed.  A call to the Secretary of State confirmed his findings and he proceeded to put his name forward.  Take a listen to my chat with Mr. Armando Cisneros.

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