Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ah, A New Month

I welcome September wholeheartedly knowing that milder days are ahead.  But my sense of relief is countered with a feeling of anxiety as the deployment of a drone is set to begin today.

Security personnel might not care about a middle-aged Chacon resident watering his suger hackberry, but just knowing that another eye in the sky might be watching over my shoulder creeps me out some.  As it is, I'm annoyed by the helicopters that roam around the river's edge patrolling for illegal activity.  They, and some planes, sometimes fly too close to the ground.  And I might get spied upon with the help of Google Earth.  I tell you, it's getting harder to relax in my backyard when I think that someone might see me in my Speedo.

Now with the drone entering the picture, the sky will be more crowded.  I get to thinking that it will collide with another flying object and it'll all come crashing down on my house.  Also a drone may, or may not, have the capability of taking me out from up above.  That might just be my imagination running wild after seeing one too many movies and reading one too many articles.

September is here.  Time to think about planting more trees.

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