Thursday, September 16, 2010

67 Days Left

It's looking more and more like Bill White and Rick Perry won't debate before the November 2 deadline.  Each is making his case against the other:  White charges that Perry doesn't want to talk about the looming billion-dollar budget shortfall, and Perry won't debate because of White's supposed lack of transparency in not releasing all of his tax returns.  Via the Express-News.

“but I think the more important issue is for an individual who’s asking to be the chief executive officer for one of the most important states in the nation, if not the most important state in the nation, with one of the most important economies in the world, to not be transparent and honest about how he’s made his money is a great tragedy.”
That's great, Rick.  But wouldn't that be a perfect point to bring up in a debate?  Perhaps at the local level candidates can get away with not debating.  Some have no business going before the cameras.  Recently we've seen some debates hosted by KGNS (Channel 10 on cable) where people have given terse responses to questions or flown off the handle.  But in a statewide election, a debate is much more than a formality; it's the perfect place to bring up issues of transparency and budget shortfalls.

Texas needs a gubernatorial debate and Perry needs to stop making excuses.

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