Thursday, September 23, 2010

40 Days Left


Published: Thursday, September 23, 2010 9:32 AM CDT
Laredo voters will be able to decide term limits for City Council members and Municipal Court judges, the rules for the city’s Civil Service Commission and other aspects of city government during the Nov. 2 election.

Apart from the candidates running for office, our ballot will have 34 proposed changes to the city charter.  I was excited about going to vote until I read this.  Thanks Zach!  So when I go to the booth in November I'll have to decide for three LISD school board positions, four city council seats, mayor, municipal court judge, agriculture commissioner, governor, judge for the 4th Court of Appeals, some UISD spots, congressman, and oh yeah, 34 propositions!!! 

Several propositions deal with city council term limits.  Here's one:
if a council member leaves office, "whether by resignation or otherwise," that counts as a full term, regardless of how much time the council member actually served.
This is the result of Jose A. Valdez serving half his second term, resigning to run for mayor, and then coming back to finish out his last two years. 

Despite people's dismissiveness, or claims of incompetence or corruption against politicians, I have to take part in the election process if for no other reason than to get an oval-shaped sticker to place on my chest.  But seriously, I've mocked practically every elected official in town.  I have to vote; that's my way of saying thanks.  Because I've harped on so many issues, it's only fitting that I take part in the process.  By doing so, it gives me license to continue ribbing our elected, and would-be, officials.

I vote, therefore I blog. 

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