Thursday, August 26, 2010

Those Rugs Really Tied The Room Together

Bronx resident Omar Rivera did a nasty thing:  he interrupted members of the Iman Mosque by emptying his bladder.
"He fumbled over to our rugs where people were praying" and then committed the despicable desecration, Sadouki said,

Rivera was detained and charged with trespassing.  Officials don't think he specifically targeted Muslims with his unruly behavior because he was obviously intoxicated.  Reports now state that he didn't even know he was in a mosque.

This could be an open and shut case.  Drunken men walk into strange places and do their thing all the time.  Afterwards, they're arrested, paraded in front of the media, fined and don't get to work at the t.v. station as a sportscaster ever again.  But given the current anti-Muslim atmosphere, this might blow up and turn into an international incident.  I pray that it doesn't because it might give people the impression that persons with a name like Rivera like to get plastered.  That wouldn't be good.

We'll wait and see what comes of this.  It might get nasty as incidents with rugs have proved in the past.

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