Friday, August 13, 2010

They Work Together

But that doesn't mean they see eye to eye.  At a recent council meeting, members discussed budgets.  And when the issue of providing funding for the Laredo Development Foundation came up, things got interesting.  Via the LMT (Zach Lindsey)
Councilman Hector "Tito" Garcia made a motion to cut their funding by 25 percent.
Garcia wanted to see budgets scaled back due to economic hardships felt by all governmental entities.
"We're cutting back, and we're looking at ways to cut back," Garcia said.  "It's going to be a hard year."
Gene Belmares countered.
During tough economic times, the most important focus should be economic development, Belmares said.
Oh, snap!  It was a virtual smackdown at city hall.  I hear it got so heated that Belmares' hair looked ruffled and Garcia's top shirt button came undone.  Oh, wait, that's how they always look. 

As you were.

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