Monday, August 2, 2010


By Zach Lindsey

Published: Monday, August 2, 2010 5:50 AM CDT
The City of Laredo is spending taxpayer money providing fire protection to rural areas of Webb County, but taking away the service at the end of the fiscal year as planned will leave the county with a dangerous void in fire protection.
At tonight’s City Council meeting, the council will discuss extending the contract for an additional six months.
Also at the meeting, Mayor Raul Salinas wants to address dropout rates at local schools by collaborating with Laredo and United Independent School districts that also would reach out to the private sector.

Wouldn't the mayor have to quit his day job in order to fully address the dropout rate in Laredo?  I am not going to say that the mayor is doing this because the election is a mere three months away.  No, that would be too cynical.  And I won't say that instead of appearing at every conceivable ribbon cutting, he should be out mentoring kids - that would be unfair.  Whatever the reason, he's taking action.  He's quoted as saying:
the dropout rate affects local businesses by diminishing the number of skilled workers
I will agree with that statement.  Case in point: just yesterday a person pronounced my name "kwi-roz."  I think students need to be more skilled, especially with pronouncing my last name.  How can I feel good about handing over my hard-earned money to local establishments when their employees can't even pronounce my name? 

I don't really care about schools being reimbursed more money for having more students enrolled.  I do, however, care about students understanding that QUI in Spanish is pronounced "ki."  I think the more people grasp this, the better off we'll be, and the happier I'll be.

More power to the mayor and his guayaberas.

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