Friday, August 27, 2010

Relationship Between SCAN And TAMIU Alumni Worsens

Que Fregados brings us the exclusive scoop of the TAMIU Alumni Association's suit against the Webb County Community Coalition, an extension of SCAN.  Coalition staff tries to raise awareness within the community about the dangers of underage drinking and drug use.  But in trying to prohibit the sale of alcohol at events held on university grounds, they appear to have overstepped their reach.

Community Coaliton Director, Mario Flores, explains to El Manana how alcohol use is seen in kids as young as seven years old.  According to him, children gain access to alcohol at home or at family gatherings without the caregivers' knowledge.  This is nothing new; we've all heard stories of minors getting in to their parents' liquor cabinet, or parents hosting parties where alcohol is knowingly served to adolescents.  But access to alcoholic beverages at public events is something different altogether.  I commend Mr. Flores and his colleagues for their work, but targeting events like the AutMus Fest, where the audience is supervised by event promoters and security staff, is overkill. 

Laredoans do like to throw back a glass or ten.  Practically every social gathering, be it private or public, involves alcohol.  If alcohol is not available, you'll surely get a comment from some displeased attendee; So I can see where the WCCC is coming from by trying to curb underage drinking.  Trouble is, now they've been slapped with a lawsuit claiming defamation and tortious interference.

I really hope both groups (SCAN and the alumni organization) can come to some sort of agreement and work together to better our community.  Both organizations are committed to helping Laredoans.  La Sanbe hopes things don't get worse between them, because if they do, we'll hear more language that we don't quite understand like tortious interference.

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