Sunday, August 29, 2010

Primetime Emmy Awards

It's another red carpet night as NBC broadcasts the 62nd Emmy Awards with host Jimmy Fallon at 7pm tonight.

There are many good shows, actors, and actresses nominated. My personal faves include Top Chef, Glee, Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, and LOST!

With LOST just recently ending their six-season run, I hope they get some well deserved Emmys (Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn - pictured right).

Most long overdue nominations, in my humble opinion, are those for Friday Night Lights' lead actor and actress Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (pictured left). They are one of the most naturally realistic married couples on TV. They won't win, but they will be there!

Most unnecessary nomination has to be the best actor nod in a comedy for Tony Shalhoub of Monk. Wasn't that show cancelled like 5 years ago? (A close second to Tony is any recognition of Two and a Half Men...puh-leez!)

And what will they be wearing? Can't wait!

(Sidebar: Scheduling conflict! The NFL decided to nationally televise a Steelers game at the same time as the Emmys. Ugh! Getting that DVR ready.)

Piper Updates: Jon Hamm looks gorgeous.
                              Love that dress on Julia Louie-Dreyfuss.
                              Top Chef wins Reality category!

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