Thursday, August 12, 2010

Please, Please, Please

Let's not turn this site into a destination where people go after one another in the comments section.  Let's leave that for Jay St. John's audience.  And let's not use the word socialism here.  We really don't have an idea what it is.  I for one am not going to take lessons on the subject from Marissa Martinez, Tom Wade or any Fox News personality.  Quite frankly, when I go buy a taco plate at Taco Palenque, I don't get the feeling like this country is spiraling into socialism.

Anyway, yesterday I posted a video of Ben Quayle in which he called Barack Obama the worst president in history.  That's pretty cavalier of him considering Obama is barely coming up on his two-year anniversary.  My little jab at Quayle elicited the usual responses from those on the right.  Now, I don't mind being called a liberal, but if we're going to be shooting down another's beliefs, don't do it with bumper sticker outbursts.

Also, let's not be so quick to point fingers at those who supposedly caused the worst financial crisis in decades.  It's not going to do anybody any good by simply blaming democrats.  Some politicians undoubtedly had a hand in this but we can't leave a ton of other factors out of the debate.  We can't leave out the effect that the price of oil had on our present-day situation; and the dot-com bubble, September 11, the Afghanistan War, the Iraq invasion, subprime loans, Lehman Brothers going bankrupt, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, the Community Reinvestment Act, etc......     It might be too much information to digest on a Laredo blog, but the info is out there for us to make our case stronger. 

I don't mind you criticizing Obama and the democrats.  They are not perfect by any means.  But let's try to take the conversation up a notch. 

Oh, and by the way, Ben Quayle is a fuckin' asshole.  Ya!  I won't say any more.

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