Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Menso, Not Mensa

A person went into a local convenience store and demanded the money at knifepoint.  But the person's dress....
shows the suspect come in wearing a pillow case on his head, Batman socks on his hands, and plastic bags on his shoes.
This could easily be a woman, but since the report assumes it's a man, I'm going with a male (menso) suspect too.  Anyway, an individual holding up a store with a pillowcase on his head is probably not the most unusual thing ever.  Others have probably used worse things as a disguise.  But the whole ensemble leads me to question the origins of this scheme.

We have a pillowcase, Batman socks, and plastic bags.  I'm thinking it was part of some urban survival challenge where a man was given these three objects and dropped off in unknown territory, letting only instinct drive him forward.  The survivalist saw what he had to work with and it dawned on him:  of course, rob a convenience store!  That has to be the only logical explanation.

Police found the pillowcase and other articles of clothing nearby.  Sloppy work on the part of the thief.  He probably ended up being mauled by a bear in the Zacate Creek.  That's a pity, because pillowcases really come in handy when battling bears.

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