Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Expensive Trash Cans

Laredo, TX – Aug. 25, 2010) Recently, the City of Laredo Environmental Services Department has placed some new, and very interesting, trashcans throughout downtown Laredo. These sleek, “Big Belly” trashcans (photos attached) are equipped with a solar-paneled trash compactor, designed to compact the trash, and help cut down on fuel costs, greenhouse emissions and landfill space.

Thanks to the $170,000 from the Energy Efficiency and Conservative Block Grant from the Department of Energy, the Environmental Services Department is purchasing approximately 45 solar trash compactors, at a cost of $3,700 each. According to the manufacturer’s website, these trash compactors can reduce fuel costs and greenhouse emissions by up to 80%.

“The purpose of the trash compactors is to reduce the number of trips for emptying downtown’s trash cans, thus reducing fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions,” said John Porter, assistant director for the Environmental Services Department. “Another purpose of these trash compactors is for public education on energy conservation.”

Info. courtesy of the City of Laredo.

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