Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can It Get Any Nastier?

Raul Salinas has had trouble taking a stance on a number of issues.  Not too long ago, the issue of an investigation into First Transit's insurance provider came up.  Public comment was discouraged due to the pending investigation.  The mayor wanted to hear El Metro employees express their concerns, but Councilman Rendon voiced his displeasure which lead the mayor to change his mind and deny public comment. 

His leadership again came into question recently when city council discussed third party funding.  Only this time, he was badgered by one of his opponents in the upcoming mayoral race, Gene Belmares.  At stake was funding for the Laredo Development Foundation.  The mayor didn't do a good job of standing up for himself, much less showing leadership.  But Belmares does look like a buffoon in blowing his top.  Check it out.

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