Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Tuesday

On August 3, 1974, guitarist Jeff Baxter quit Steely Dan to join the Doobie Brothers.  It's reported that Baxter didn't want anything to do with a band that was thinking of naming their upcoming album "Aja."  If you name an album like that, you're bound for disaster.  But I kid.

Piper Maru posted the other day about August and its association with Summer vacation's final days.  But we still have some time to ourselves before the new school year begins.  We have at least two more weeks left before we're bombarded with school traffic and club-sponsored fundraisers.  And it's Tuesday today.  That means that there's new music out there, so August can't be that bad.  The new Arcade Fire album,  "Suburbs," is out today and the band is going to have its concert showcased live on YouTube this Thursday.

So celebrate August.  Fall is almost here and the weather is bound to get better, not that it's been a brutally hot Summer or anything.  Still, have fun.

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