Friday, August 6, 2010

Animo Week Ends

The Martin High School Band has been hard at work preparing their 2010 marching show.  For the last month and a half, the upperclassmen have taken on the duty of orienting the freshmen class of band members.  The new members, especially, have to get up to speed with what it takes to be part of a marching unit.

"Animo Week" marks the end of the summer practice season.  At this point the band knows what music they'll perform at football games during halftime, and they have an idea of what the choreography entails.  However, there is still practice to be had in order to get the show finely tuned.  Their objective is to get a 1 rating when they compete against other bands this Fall.

At this year's Animo Week event, the officers put on a skit that ties in somewhat with the theme of this year's show, 'Superheroes.'  The presentation is more of a motivational tool to rally the troops, so to speak.  The premise:  the heroes try to guard a prized possession (winning trophy), and in the process, pass on the tradition to the next generation.  Enjoy.


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