Monday, August 23, 2010

71 Days Left

Apparently Rick Perry doesn't want to debate Bill White, can't account for his supposed hectic schedule, and doesn't like one-on-one interviews.  Via the Texas Tribune.
Perry appeared at two in-state press conferences, but his schedule shows no individual interviews with Texas media outlets. Paterson sat down for a total of 18 one-on-one interviews, and Schwarzenegger did two sit-downs with California broadcast journalists. Cesinger says Perry takes questions during media availabilities — a few questions from a scrum of gathered reporters — at "just about every event [he] speaks at." She estimates that such availabilities occurred "about half the month," although she offered no official accounting. Perry has also declined to meet with editorial boards in 2010, both during the gubernatorial primary and again during the general election campaign.
The part of "takes questions during media availabilities" reminds me of someone else.  Actually, it reminds me of several homegrown politicians. 

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