Friday, July 23, 2010

Well, WoopTeeDoo!

Lois the Corpse Flower has finally bloomed at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Crowds began to arrive early on to appreciate the rare event and the foul-smelling plant did not disappoint.
It's a mix between fuzzy lasagna, days-old tuna and wilted lettuce -- so, the office refrigerator.
Let me jot this down:  putrid-smelling plant equals audience.  Got it.

I've been waiting for one of my favorite plants to blossom as well.  It's a rose bush that I planted earlier this year.  It's taking its time but the few flowers I've gotten so far have been a treat.  The color, somewhere between yellow and beige, and the aroma are totally awesome.  I can't believe I'm actually waiting to get a whiff of this thing.

This is actually the first rose bush I've planted ever, hence my doting.


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