Thursday, July 15, 2010

Taking Charge

It's been a week since the Rio Grande reached high levels and flooded some areas along its path.  The response has brought out the good and the bad in people.  One area that has gotten a lot of attention is Los Martinez Dr., which is located approximately one mile West of Sam's Club on San Bernardo.  But if you talk to some residents of Los Martinez, they'll tell you different.
she expected officials to help people to retrieve their things before the Rio Grande flood entered the homes.
Now that houses have been emptied of debris, residents are concerned about the trash left behind on their curbs.  Also on their minds is the disorganization of the relief effort.  To me it has seemed like nobody really took charge of the whole situation.

People in the Mines Rd. area complained that they were getting little attention and residents near the LCC campus (Ft. McIntosh) were all but forgotten, according to them.

Two people that have been visible throughout this event are Gene Belmares and Jose A. Valdez Jr.  Belmares' participation has appeared a bit self-serving with all the campaign paraphernalia out there, but this is an opportunity that has presented itself and he has taken advantage of it.  Joe Valdez has been active as well.  He's been present in the affected area, and like Belmares, has posted updates on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, the mayor has not played this well at all.  A reader pointed me in the direction of a YouTube video that shows Mayor Salinas arguing with people and eventually just walking away.

Not good.  While I don't expect him to roll up his sleeves and push a broom around like Belmares, he could act more like a leader.  In the video he cowers from the public when confronted with serious concerns.  To be fair, facing an angry citizenry is not easy task, but he did himself a disservice by walking away and appearing combative.

This is surely going to come back and bite him in the ass.  Now all relief efforts are going to be handled by Erasmo Villarreal (763-4408).  This decision apparently was made by city administration.  Suspicious Good, but what took so long?

While things could've been done better, I realize that our officials are human.  This event could cement someone's victory and another's defeat.  

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