Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yesterday a reader tipped me off to a story that has gotten quite a bit of buzz.  Apparently there's talk of Zetas taking over two ranches in Western Webb County.  The Cypress Times even reports that gunfire has been exchanged between the drug gang and local law enforcement.  But in their report last night, Pro8news denied the allegations, stating that local officials had no evidence to confirm this.

I received this text message Thursday:
"Something might happen through santo nino neighborhood this weekend. Stay indoors & keep cars garaged 4 safety!" 
"Supposedly zetas r going 2 retaliate cuz alguien les puso el dedo."
Residents are being cautious what with the recent activity that's taken place.  It could all be rumor; I haven't heard anything that's happened in South Laredo in the last two days.  Nevertheless, local law enforcement will have some explaining to do in the near future.

A second reader brought me up to speed on a story that FoxNews did where a travel warning has been issued by the State Dept.  Mayor Salinas makes a cameo.

And yet another appearance.  Thanks, reader.

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