Friday, July 16, 2010

Some fun on a serious Friday

The song "Kids" by a band called MGMT is from their first album, which came out in 2008, but only recently came to my attention. I really like the song, but it's the video I've become a little obsessed with.

I had seen another MGMT video, and I couldn't figure out who was who with the painted faces on the "Kids" video. One appeared t0 be a girl, but there aren't any girls in the band...hmm?

I finally found out that this video was actually done as a college assignment by a guy named Jon Salmon, and the two main people in the video are friends of his, Abby (the girl!) and Rafael (mr. hypnotic eyes). You can read the whole story here.

This video became a YouTube crowd-pleaser, and now has over 30 million! MGMT asked Abby and Rafael to appear in their next video "Electric Feel." Let's dance, shall we?

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