Friday, July 9, 2010

Rio Grande Cresting Health Precautions

UPDATE Rio Grande Cresting Public Health Precautions
Laredo,TX- The Laredo Health Department wants to remind the public to practice good water safety and disease prevention as we prepare for the cresting of the Rio Grande.
Public Health Tips during Cresting of the Rio Grande:
  • Listen for public safety and the latest emergency information.
  • Stay away from areas close to the river bank until advised.
  • Be prepared to evacuate if you are in low flood plain areas as advised by emergency operations.
  • Always obey all public safety and traffic precautions and signs (do not cross safety barriers).
  • Do not swim or bathe in the Rio Grande
  • At this time the Rio Grande has too much debris and it increases the risk of gastrointestinal disease) – as always do not drink water directly from the Rio Grande
  • Do not swim or get into any standing water, retention ponds. rivers, streams, creeks, or lakes at this time.
  • Make sure you are current with your vaccinations especially Hepatitis A and Tetanus (DTaP, DT, Td).
  • Recent rain may lead to an increase in numbers of mosquitoes, which can carry diseases, such as West Nile Virus or Dengue Fever; to prevent disease:
      • Use screens on dwellings; wear long pants, socks, and long-sleeved shirts; and use insect repellents that contain DEET or Picaridin.
      • Drain all standing water left outdoors in open containers, such as flower pots, tires, pet dishes, or buckets.
      • CLHD has been and will continue to spray public right-of- ways for mosquitoes.
  • Practice basic hygiene. Wash your hands before preparing food or eating, after toilet use, after participating in clean-up activities, and after handling articles contaminated with floodwater or sewage.
  • Have medications and prescriptions in hand should you have to evacuate.
The City of Laredo of Laredo Health Department wants you to stay safe and healthy, for more information contact the Laredo Health Department at (956) 795-4900 or (956) 795-4904.

Info. courtesy of the City of Laredo

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