Friday, July 16, 2010

Questions Arise

Our public servants answered the call after flood waters destroyed homes in West Laredo.  Some did more than others; but now their actions are being brought into question.

I love the way Councilman Gene Belmares plays down his presence after showing up at Los Martinez Dr. in full campaign mode.  He denies using the situation for political gain but his self-promoting video says otherwise. 

Mayor Salinas is quick to point the finger elsewhere when the subject of his poor YouTube performance comes up.  But as always, he speaks and says little.  He keeps it as generic and superficial as possible.

Joe Valdez Jr. was there.  He had to be; it's his district.  I'm puzzled how Belmares would say that Valdez asked him to stop with the help.  Turf battle?  Who knows.  It's unfortunate that this is the only material we have to go on with less than four months to go before the election.

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