Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mr. South Texas 2010

The Texas Tribune calls our attention to Laredo's new BFF, Joe Straus.  Mr. S. now has the opportunity to scratch "be Mr. South Texas" off his bucket list.  It's an honor that I'm sure he relishes.  Your welcome, sir; your mounted sach is in the mail.

But the San Antonio native is not only going to get a free dinner and a good serving of superficial adulation, he's going to experience what Laredo is all about:  the WBCA.
celebrates border culture and patriotism
Yes, that's right.  The WBCA.  Nothing says identity crisis more than our worship of rich white land owners.  But that's Laredo for ye.  We celebrate border culture in our tourism brochures and on Sundays when we go out to Raul's BBQ to get our share of cow tongue.  And then the work week comes and we laud the importance of immigration reform (no amnesty) and the English language, never bothering to recall the man who planted the seed long ago, Don Tomas Sanchez.  But I can't fault our citizenry, not when the Webb County Heritage Foundation fails to do the same.  No, poor Mr. Sanchez has no place for our wanton love of excess, be it for beaded dresses or the unnatural consumption of spicy green peppers.

We've left Villa San Agustin behind for more palatable settlements:  Regency, Plantation, Lakeside, Alexander Estates, etc.  We pick and choose the things that bring us comfort (again, cow tongue) but grow fond of that which is most American, the Dallas Cowboys.  Assimilation is a good thing, but we've appeared to have closed the door on our past.  Our border culture is now steeped in patriotism.  Unfortunately it's a patriotism that adores the right kind of immigrant.

Let the white wigs be unfurled.  

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