Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is This Really Happening?

The LMT ran a story today in regards to the evaluation of LISD's superintendent, Marcus Nelson.
By Nick Georgiou

Laredo Morning Times
Published: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 2:15 AM CDT
The process of evaluating LISD Superintendent Marcus Nelson’s progress has begun.

After meeting briefly in closed session Tuesday night, an increasingly quarrelsome Laredo Independent School District Board of Trustees decided to meet one on one with Nelson next week and fill out their evaluations on their own time.
OK.  Seems pretty straightforward: Trustees will meet with Dr. Nelson individually.  No biggie.  Another evaluation, or progress report, will take place in September and his end-of-the-year evaluation will occur in January.  But it gets weird as the story continues.

Towards the middle of the article, Georgiou writes about John Peter Montalvo's odd behavior.  You're probably asking, "how can you tell he's being odd?"  Well, apparently he had gotten word about a woman, dressed in black, putting something on his taxpayer-funded chair.  And this freaked him out so much that he decided to sit elsewhere.  As for his seat:
"I already put some holy water (on it)," Montalvo said.  "I know people who were here before that would probably like to do things of that nature and work with the devil.
Uh, What?!  Mr. Montalvo, can you please clarify?
"I don't belive in voodoo and the devil's workshop.  It is hard to know what's happening, and I don't mind losing an election or whatever the right way, with votes, but this is not the right way because none of us would like to (have) any type of election problems with voodoos and dealings with the devil."
I had lost interest with what was going on at LISD, mostly because things had settled down, or so I thought.  I mean, Guillermina Montes hadn't had a scuffle with Montalvo in a while so I thought things were back to normal.  The FBI isn't getting letters of this new development but it does make for some peculiar behavior.  This goes to show that we shouldn't count out our representatives from providing us with endless amounts of wackiness.   

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