Monday, July 26, 2010

Barbara Steinberg Exhibit At Library

(Laredo, TX July 26, 2010) “They are coming here to escape war,” said Barbara Steinberg, an amateur photo artist whose first photo exhibit, “The True Story of Mexican Immigration to the United States,” is on display until the end of August at the Laredo Public Library. “Just like any other immigrant wave in the history of the United States, they are coming to escape the horrors that war has created in their country: devastating poverty, starvation, fear and lack of hope.”

“This show is in honor of a father who crossed the Rio Grande to save his son. I would especially like to thank the editor, photographic assistant and the writer for their help with this important project. The exhibit has allowed me to be able to stand up for equality and the people of Mexico here in Laredo, which is now my home,” Steinberg concluded.

(Info. courtesy of Xocitl Mora)

How appropriate that this exhibit will be available when the Arizona immigration bill (SB 1070) is about to take effect. 

Immigrants living in Arizona are starting to make their way out of the state before July 29 hoping to find a location that's more considerate of their plight.  The sense of fear they managed to escape has taken on a new face as they are being driven out by people who now fear them.  Whether they find solace in another state is yet to be known.  Your run-of-the-mill Republican would just as easily wish them away; And the Obama administration would glady deport them.  So their struggle won't go away just because they've decided to leave the Grand Canyon State.

All this done to appease an anti-immigrant base who's too stubborn to contemplate the actual potential of immigrants -- a base that probably woundn't step foot into a public building to view an exhibit on Mexican immigration. 

We'll continue to call them "illegal," and "aliens," and "law-breakers" because those terms easily justify our motives to have them shipped back to where it is they came from.  One thing we won't do is call them refugees, even though they're trying to escape the "horrors" of "devastating poverty."  They have too much pride for their native country and in some cases return.  And they're not idealists who are trying to attain the same dream as we.  That vision is better left for the white colonists who gave this country its start.

"The True Story of Mexican Immigration to the United States."  Go learn something. 

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