Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This is NEW?

I like Lady Gaga. I think she has a good voice, and her music is fun. Let's face it; she's part of the pop culture echelon. Although it can get old fast when you hear one of her songs one too many times, I do think she's talented.

Then, we have her videos. Lady Gaga has a new video out for her song "Alejandro." She purposely pushes the boundaries of what is allowed to be seen (on cable TV anyway!) with a lot of sexual imagery, hints of abusive relationships, and a touch of religion here and there. But this is all déja vu. Hello? Madonna? I mean I guess this is new to someone (who wasn't alive in the 80's), but it takes a lot more to shock me!

Madonna always seemed to cause controversy with her videos, and Gaga is definitely a fan of hers. There are many similarities between these two artists, oversized cone-shaped bra cups included. And staying in the spotlight is definitely a gift Gaga has, but unfortunately, it's not always for her music. The outlandish costumes and barely-there outfits, the sexuality questions, and the controversial videos are getting to be too gimmicky. For me, I'll listen to the music. And "Alejandro" is, in my opinion, a fairly weak song.

P.S. This is my favorite live Madonna performance. I finally found the clip. Enjoy the 1989 classic.

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