Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"Behind the Music" - Revamped

"Behind the Music" on VH1 used to be wildly popular starting in the late 90's. We would look forward to the next episode of how our favorite bands or singers rose to fame, see their downfalls or reinventions, and even hear about how some of the stars died.

I recently noticed that VH1 had been airing new episodes...with the same narrator. This month alone they have shown a "Behind the Music" documentary on DMX, Eve, Christina Aguilera, and the one I was most surprised by: Courtney Love! I caught it by chance on Monday, and the 2-hour special had me totally riveted.

Courtney has survived a lot of adversity in her life, not the least of which was the suicide death of her famous husband Kurt Cobain. She also seems to have overcome her drug addictions, and she looked the most fresh and alert I've ever seen her.

I'm sure VH1 will be re-running the episode, but you can catch the full episode on

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