Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ponle Flores, Why Don't You

Carlos Landin writes in to the LMT editorial page today.

The mayor's race is on and folks are starting to take sides.  Well, folks, here's the way I see it.  And you know I don't use those big, fancy words that some of us have to get a dictionary to find out what they mean.

The way this city is structured, I for one say we have the perfect lineup.  We have a mayor who worked for the FBI for 34 years, was stationed in Mexico during his tenure and is connected to the federal government, which I am sure keeps him up to date on terrorism threats and on all that other mess going on all along the border from California to Brownsville. 

So, yes, I would rather have a man such as Mayor Raul Salinas watching my back, especially after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in New York.  Plus, he is always doing what a mayor should in a city manager-oriented type of government and that is working with the community.  You can count on our mayor to do everything from helping with Christmas toys for children to funeral costs for the disadvantaged.

Now we turn to our city manager.  I don't care if you bring someone from Harvard, He could never learn what Mr. Carlos Villarreal knows about our city.  He is by far the most informed person on Laredo politics, Washington connections, Austin connections, etc.  If you want to know about the infrastructure of our city, ask our city manager, Carlos Villarreal.

If you want someone to represent and defend us, to promote Laredo and be there when someone is in need, you can count on the people's mayor, Raul Salinas,  And he is very well informed on border threats, a major advantage for a Laredo leader.  So think about what I just wrote.  Don't fix something that doesn't need fixing.

Wow.  Apparently Mayor Salinas is a people person and gets daily CIA briefings on the threats to our country.  Hearing Mr. Landin tell it, I get the feeling that Salinas has access to launch codes and isn't afraid to use the button when the time comes.

With so much responsibility it's a miracle he finds time to enjoy himself. 

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