Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pet Ordinance In Laredo, Texas

In assisting the public to get the information on these changes we are introducing the amendment progressively. In June we are introducing the permits for pet shops, litters, special events, as well the new fees for the pound. In July we will be staring the microchip registration but the public has a year to do so. However there is an advantage to do so now. The following are highlights of the changes:

1. Registration, permit and other fees have been established

a. Registration through a microchip is required (public has a year to register their pets)
b. If they microchip their pet now it is only $5.00 with veterinarians and through some pet stores that are participating with the CLHD registration service
c. By July 1 all participating veterinarians will have the microchip through the CLHD; the public should ask their veterinarian if they are participating.
d. Throughout the year special CLHD clinics will also provide the microchip
e. In the future if the pet has a microchip and spay/neutered registration is free.

2. Rabies vaccine remains $12.00,

3. Litter Permit-Fee-$15.00. -It is illegal to sell pets anywhere except through approved pet shops, grooming stores, shelters or through a litter permit.

4. Pet Shop Permit-$50; Bird Shop only and Grooming Shop Permit-$25.

5. Dangerous Dog Permit-: $100 in addition to penalties.

6. Cruelty to Animals (i.e. Tethering) and Animal Safety - prevent cruelty and improve pet responsibility, no animal shall be inappropriately tied or fastened by any rope, chain or cord that is directly attached to the animal's neck,

7. Persons who now retrieve their pet that has been impounded must first come to the Health Department Animal Control Program to process the release and pay the fine

8. Large Livestock Keeping Practices- no livestock is allowed within city limits

UPDATE:  This is from the City of Laredo Health Dept.
                  Effective 5-1-2010
                  City Ordinance 2010-0-029

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