Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pay Him No Mind

A couple of weeks ago I created a post where I described how local radio personality Jay St. John passed off somebody else's work as his own.  He just added three sentences, put his name on it, and posted it on his website.  Well, I noticed something different today:  his post is not there, or any post for that matter.

Que Fregados commented (on my post, link above) on his penchant for scrubbing things that don't fit his plan.
I did have a screenshot of before & after of his facebook page where he deletes comments of someone who tell him he is wrong.  He deletes everything he doesn't like.
That seems to be the case here as I noticed that his Facebook page currently doesn't have a lot of posts.  Last week I caught him doing the same thing (plagiarizing) on FB with another story.  Again, that post is not there.

I know that people are going to suggest to me that I shouldn't give him the time of day, but my hope is that politicians think twice about going on his show.  Oh sure, he'll make local politicos think that making an appearance on his show is a must, but his narcissism only serves to justify his morning ramblings and his spot on our airwaves.  His sway is not that mighty.  I should just ignore him, but his fans would be better off if they did as well.  

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