Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mensos And Mensa

LPD: Hammer used in assault

By César G. Rodriguez
Published: Thursday, June 24, 2010 1:02 AM CDT
Police officers arrested a woman Tuesday who is accused of a robbing a local convenience store and threatening the clerk with a hammer on May 28.

"Menso, Not Mensa" is a regular feature on this site but today I play around with the title a bit because three individuals are alleged to have been up to no good at a local convenience store.

Cesar Rodriguez reports that last month one individual entered a Stripes store while a man and a woman load up their car with soft drinks located outside.  The clerk goes outside and says!!!:
"Ponlos para atras, Cuate," which translates into "Put them back, Cuate."
(Keyrose tries to compose himself; is dying of laughter.)
Cuate was surprised that he had been made so he put the stuff back.  Then the clerk starts to write the license plate number down, and that's when Vela (female arrestee) jumps into action.
but Vela tried to cover the plates and demanded to know what the clerk was doing.
(emphasis mine. Keyrose can't contain himself)
Great improvisers, these local miscreants are. 
Vela then gets a hammer and goes after the clerk, but the clerk manages to take it away.  All three run away with the loot, a pack of batteries.  A good score for the month of May.

Enter June 22, 2010 and Vela visits the same store.  The "Mensa" part has apparently not sunk in to this person and she is turned in to the cops.
This story is inspiring me to produce a re-enactment of this event.  If anybody wants to take part in the production, all I ask is that you bring out the best menso(a) in you.  Oh yeah, and you have to supply your own batteries.

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