Saturday, June 12, 2010

Menso, Not Mensa

We revisit a recurring feature here on LaSanbe, Menso, Not Mensa, with the story of one Jose Villegas.  This numbskull paid a visit to his probation officer with all sorts of goodies in "his" truck.  I put the word his in quotations because the VIN number did not match that of the vehicle.

Anyway, as a registered dumbass sex offender, he probably didn't think officials were going to inspect his truck.  But they did.  In it they found tear gas canisters and $2,000 in the glove compartment.  Oh yeah, they noticed that the starter was broken.  Minor detail. 

Villegas had a warrant out for his arrest due to the fact that he failed to appear in court on a drug charge.  That's probably because of some mailing error, I'm sure.
Nevertheless officers arrested him and went on to inspect his place of residence.  There they found ammo and an AK 47.

En que cabeza caben?! 

This guy is probably new to the world of probation.  How else can you explain all the missteps he committed near the Webb County Justice Center while on probation!!!

And now his jail sentence begins, not so much for being a sex offender or a druggie, but for being an idiot.  Congratulations, Jose; You're this month's Menso, Not Mensa.

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