Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mayor Promotes Public Transit From His Comfy Office

In an effort to increase bus ridership, El Metro is encouraging the public to get on the bus.  Mayor Salinas and city council is on board with the campaign.  But one rider is not too happy with city hall's lack of participation, and that's when the gloves come off.
It gets you to move around and use your body because when you own a car you do less walking than you should.
Ooooohhhhhhhh.  Was this jab going to go unanswered?  Hell no!  The mayor shoots back.
The first thing they lose is their cars, so they have to depend on an alternate way of travel. 
Translation:  I have a car and you don't, and you're also needy in having to depend on the bus.

Never has an issue like this turned so ugly.  But what should we expect when criticisms are directed at bullying politicians who don't make time to ride the bus?

One person makes a joke about someone's weight and then the other one calls the other poor and all hell breaks loose.
The end result of all this is that it all discourages people from taking part in bus riding.  And the ones that end up suffering most are the lonely, empty bus meters.  Is this what we've come to?  I sure hope it isn't.

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