Monday, June 14, 2010

Getting The Word Out

I've often wondered about how to get the word out about my little site here.  At first it was mostly word of mouth.  Then I printed up some tees and handed them to some of my most loyal readers.

Then it dawned on me that I should label my videos with the site's name.  Brilliant!  Next up:  advertising in church bulletins.  That's the ticket.  My site will surely crash with all the traffic I get from elderly churchgoing web browsers.

One tactic I've contemplated is using homemade signs and posting them on light poles or fences at busy intersections.  Some of the ones I've seen have been pretty crude but I have to give props to the makers of the sign for  It definitely attracts watchful eyes with the neat artistic flare.

So look for a LaSanbe ad -- coming to a light pole near you.  This site won't be the same after that. 

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