Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drive Ins On The Border

The former Nuevo Laredo drive-in, Autocine Serenata, is getting some tender loving care just as Mexico is getting ready to celebrate its bicentennial anniversary.  El Manana reports that the grounds are being cleaned and light fixtures have been installed so people can appreciate the historic structure at night as well.
The Autocine Serenata has been abandoned for some years now.  It was at its height of popularity over fifty years ago.  For now, those charged with its restoration do not know if it'll be used as an outdoor cinema again.  Kudos to those who are trying to preserve a piece of history. 

Bloggers on this side of the border have given some thought to a Laredo drive-in that has been long gone for about twenty years now: The Bordertown Drive-In.  Bordertown Blues has a picture of the cinema on its front page and has written about it recently.

William Nericcio of Tex{t}-Mex fame gives us some insight into the drive-in's demise.  The establishment, unfortunately, remains in the memories of those who enjoyed its offerings.

One local theater that has been given a facelift is the Plaza Theater in the downtown area.  But its future, much like that of the Autocine Serenata, remains doubtful.    

UPDATE: July 20, 2019

Clipping from the Laredo Times found online.  It shows movie showings for the Border Town Drive-In.  Showings for the Royal Theater and the Fiesta Drive-In also included.

UPDATE: September 23, 2019 -- photo found online

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