Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Downtown Touch-Up

Brownsville is trying to revitalize its downtown.  Just like us.  Recently they designated a part of their downtown as an entertainment district.  Just like us.  And they want to make it clear who can set up shop and who can't.

The ordinance spells out what kinds of businesses are welcome in the entertainment district. The category include brewpubs, wine bars and piano bars; coffee houses and coffee shops; cafes, wet and dry restaurants; dancehalls, discos and nightclubs; and music venues, theaters and performance halls. The list of “undesirables” includes amusement arcades, blood or plasma centers, day care or schools for people under 18, payday or car-title lenders, check-cashing establishments, building-material sellers, veterinary offices, ropa usada stores, hospitals and strip clubs
And if things go well, the area could see a positive change for some.
rents will probably rise, which should help clear out the ropa usadas and payday lenders.
Gentrification.  Ask for it by name.

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