Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tick(ing) Time Bomb

Who knew that ticks could figuratively bring down a whole town?

The town of El Cenizo is divided over the issue of ticks.
It turns out that some residents say that the whole town is infested with the critters, but the mayor begs to differ.  He counters that the problem only exists with residents who don't maintain their yards.

The public cries denial and inaction on the part of the mayor, while the politico says that it's all a political ploy to take him down.  Others are wary that they have become the laughingstock as tick jabs are directed their way.

El Cenizo might have a tick problem, but I would never use it against them.  I would, however, throw this statement about ticks in their face:
"We'd have to see if they 're registered to vote because as far as I know they can't vote."
Gawd.  Life doesn't get better than this.  


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